Sun, sun, sun, here we come…

vacationEach person deserves a day away in which no problems are confronted, no solutions searched for.  Each of us needs to withdraw from the cares which will not withdraw from us.” – Maya Angelou

Well, I’ll be damned, this site is still up.  That’s very convenient given that it is once again almost time for me to head west.  What was shaping up to be a nice, easy month of May that was poised to give way seamlessly to an airplane ride to Alaska has turned into the month of a tripled workload, travel to Canada, and just about every other thing that can be thrown at me between now and the 17 days left before I depart.  I’ll say this for recent events; the time I’ve been forced to spend behind a computer only intensifies my anticipation for the trip and will most certainly make each minute I’m unplugged just that much more memorable.

In 17 days I will wash off this life of stress, cleanse my shitty attitude, and soak in every bit of extended daylight that Alaska will give me.  Fifteen days of exploration, adventure, and new experiences await.  The chains of everyday life will be broken.  Smashed.  For 15 days. And finally, for the first time in a long time, I will remember what it’s like to feel alive again.


Until you start planning for a trip to Alaska, you never really get a sense of exactly how BIG it is.  Massive.  And sparse.  And just gobs of nature oozing from around every bend.  So what better way to see as much as possible than to take your hotel with you?  And that’s just what is happening.  In a rented RV, we’ll grab some supplies in Anchorage and make for Denali National Park.    While in Denali, we’ll grab a Jeep excursion, do some hiking, and relaxing.  Did I mention relaxing?  My hammock awaits.  Someone bring me a beer.

After we’ve had our fill of Denali, the chuck wagon heads to Sarah Palin’s house for views of Russia, Whittier where we suck in our gut and squeeze that fat RV through a mountain tunnel so we can grab a glacier cruise and a little ghost hunting  if time permits.  We’ll spend some time visiting the local Iditarod teams, trying not to get bit and dry humped by champion sled dogs before heading west to the Russian River where we’ll try not to get eaten by salmon fishing bears.  Once again I’ll deploy the hammock and summon a bear beer.


Continuing west to our destination of Homer, we’ll attempt to camp on the tail end of the Homer spit – said to be one of the best camping views in the world.  I’m told bald eagles are like New Jersey pigeons in this area.  Since I’m a bird shit magnet, I figure I can just cross off “being shit on by bald eagle” from my to-do list right now.  I’m hoping to sample some local fresh salmon or halibut while here.  Or maybe a bald eagle if they shit on me.  M’erica!

Leaving Homer (doh!), we’ll head east again toward Seward where we’ll grab a cruise of the Kenai Fjords, sample some local craft beer, chill for a while and attempt to mask the fact that none of us have been able to sleep due to the over abundance of daylight each day.  At this point we’ll turn the tenement on wheels toward Anchorage, stop and hike a glacier, and return back to Anchorage to explore the city for a bit.

At the end of day 15, I figure I’ll be so screwed up from the combination of actual fresh air, jet lag, shortened nights, beer, and strenuous hiking that I’ll likely be talked into buying a used RV and just living up there in Alaska full-time.  I’m  a sucker for the impulse buy.  How I don’t own 25 timeshares is beyond me.  In any case, it’s time once again to commune with nature.  And mosquitoes.  And bears.

Big bear chase me…