Getting antsy


“All travel has its advantages. If the passenger visits better countries, he may learn to improve his own. And if fortune carries him to worse, he may learn to enjoy it.” – Samuel Johnson

Just over 3 months to go until my Iceland departure.  I’m starting to get that itch again.  The one where I can’t concentrate on the things that I should be doing.  Working from home only intensifies it.  It’s like a little devil on my shoulder saying, “hey, you should check out this website” or “now is a good time to brainstorm what gear I might need”. “Don’t forget that power outlet converter!”


My homework over the Christmas break is to research the island and come up with a “Top 10” list of things I’d like to see or do with our 8 or 9 days in country.  We have about 830 miles to cover in that time which isn’t bad but knowing you need to compete the loop of the island because you have a plane to catch is like a work deadline in itself.  In many ways, that’s why I loved driving across the country last spring.  I had no deadlines.  No evil plane ticket that said “thou shalt be in this cramped seat drinking a watered down drink on this date at this time.”  While I strongly believe that every trip should be about the experience of living in the moment, there’s a lot to be said for freedom of roaming around with no rules.

It looks like we’ll be trekking around the country make our way from farm-house to farm-house.  This definitely beats staying in a hotel and lets you interact with the Icelandic people even more.  I’m even starting to practice my Icelandic.  It’s a beautiful language, but very difficult to replicate the accent without a lot of practice.  My friend Natalja made a video below and I’m studying her, um, er, pronunciation.  OK, she’s not really my friend.  Yet.  (Note to self:  add “Find Natalja” to Top 10 list.)

Once I learn it well enough, I’m going to tell people I speak elvish and apply for a role in The Hobbit.   I have a weird fascination with languages.  True story, I once found a Rosetta Stone CD for Arabic and I was learning phrases inside of a week.  Of course I forgot them all now.

See how easily I get distracted?

So I’m off to try and plan an itinerary, or as they say in Icelandic, itinerary.


3 thoughts on “Getting antsy

    • Thanks for the comment! I’ll take the weather warning under advisement. Just wanted to say I checked out your Iceland blog and love all the useful information there – particularly the bucket list. Very helpful!

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