The Statistics

Do not put your faith in what statistics say until you have carefully considered what they do not say.” ~William W. Watt

In no particular order, I’ve rounded up some numbers for you that I’ve logged throughout my trip west.

Now before all my hippie, tree-hugging friends start complaining about the amount of gas I went through, please keep in mind that I work from home and most of the time I only get gas every other month, depending on short trips.   So all of you with your hybrid cars, on average throughout the year (with the exception of this one) I’m using less gas than you. So there.  😛  Besides that, there’s not a hybrid on earth that could have taken me to some of the places I went.

  • Trip duration / total days:  17.5
  • Number of National Parks Visited:  6, Number of State Parks: 2
  • Total miles traveled, driveway to driveway:  5,704.0
  • Total gallons of gas used:  349.08
  • Total cost of gas:  $1,404.75
  • Average cost of gas: $4.02/gal
  • Number of states passed through: 12
  • Number of birds that flew in to my windshield:  2
  • Number of critters that ran in front of me and were subsequently run over:  2 (1 squirrel, 1 chipmunk, I tried to miss them both)
  • Number of insects that flew in to my windshield: 14,287 (and estimation based on how long I had to scrub the windshield at each gas station just so I could see out)
  • Number of nights spent camping:  6
  • Number of vehicle-related mechanical issues: 0
  • Number of back country off-road trails explored:  8
  • Number of times I got stuck: 0 (close twice)
  • Amount of reserve water / gas I needed to use:  0 gallons (came close twice with the gas)
  • Number of ghost towns found: 2
  • Number of photos taken: 1,678
  • Number of miles hiked:  41 (estimated)
  • Amount of weight  lost: 7lbs
  • Highest temperature:  97 degrees (strangely in Illinois on the way home.)
  • Lowest temperature: 31 degrees (Grand Canyon campground), closely followed by Central City, CO campground at 34 degrees)
  • Largest nationality encountered:  German, followed closely by French, then American (including park staff)
  • Number of minutes I had a smile on my face:  All of them except for 8: four when I found out the Narrows was closed, two when I got sprayed with gas, and two when I found out they charged a fee at Four Corners.
  • Number of times I thought about work:  Just once, on the drive home.
  • Number of days I felt more alive than ever:  all 17.5 of them

Up next: the epilogue.


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