Life is a Highway

“A journey is a person in itself; no two are alike. And all plans, safeguards, policing, and coercion are fruitless. We find that after years of struggle that we do not take a trip; a trip takes us.”  -John Steinbeck

This coming weekend is the fire drill. Everything gets packed, bagged, bundled, stowed, and loaded in the Jeep as if it was really go time.  A dry run if you will.  Why two weeks early?  Well, for two reasons; one, it gives me time to go pick up anything I remember I need or need to replace, and two, because the weekend before the main trip, it looks like I might be headed to Assateague Island to do a little beach camping – BOO-ya!  It will be good to get the tent out before the trip, break in my new gear and spend some time with friends relaxing on the beach.  Yes, nothing quite says calm before the storm like going camping before your camping trip.  But there will be beer involved, so who really cares?

So let’s flip it up a bit.  I’ve been ranting on about gear and physical items when I’ve left out one very important road trip factor:  the music.  14 hour days is a long time to be in a car and I have an arsenal of tunes at my disposal to combat the boredom that will be the State of Kansas.  This brings up questions like, what happens if I listen TO Kansas while driving THROUGH Kansas?   Does that create a paradox?

Over the past year I have scoured the Internet for people’s lists of “road trip songs” and have built quite the mix of “mood music” that should keep me motoring right along.  Some classics like Chuck Berry’s Route 66, and Roger Miller’s King of the Road – both catchy, solo, bored out of my mind, songs.  Some stuff I grew up with like Whitesnake’s Here I Go Again, and Tom Cochrane’s Life is a Highway.  And of course some new stuff and everything in between.  With nearly 2 terabytes of music files at my disposal, you can be certain, if there’s a song I want to hear along the way, I’ll be able to play it.  Add to that, the satellite radio and it will be just like I have my own personal DJ riding shotgun.

I’ve often thought that it’d be nice if life had a soundtrack.  Each person, with their own beliefs and styles would affect what theme song plays as they progress through the day.  The song, of course, would change with each situation.  This is almost reminiscent to the beginning of a boxing match when the fighters play theme music during their entrances.  Hell, I’ve been sitting in meetings before with “Take this Job and Shove It” playing in my head many times.  Actually, that’s played more times than it probably should have now that I think about it…

Closing in on 2 weeks to go.


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