One Ticket to Paradise

I travel to lose myself.
I travel to find myself.
I travel to slow down time.
I travel to explore the unfamiliar, embrace another culture, and marvel at the beauty of the natural world.  I travel to be inspired, to open new doors, and to bring back the type of knowledge and experiences only travel can impart. When we travel we enroll in the ultimate education.

My National Parks Annual Pass arrived yesterday; my ticket to the great outdoors and badge of acceptance come late May.  For now though, it serves as a lingering reminder of everything I still need to do to prepare for my “Cannonball Run” style adventure.  This weekend is about inventory assessment.  What do I have?  What do I need to replace?  What do I still need to purchase?  Everything from camping food to emergency gas and water, from books to read in the evenings to extra memory cards, there’s a lot to consider.

Yes, this would be much easier to plan for if I would have chosen to simply fly out to Las Vegas, stayed at some commercial hotel and joined the rest of the sheep on the tour bus filing in to the scenic areas, but that’s not my style.  Truth be told, when I first decided to do this, I thought that by driving, camping, and taking most of my supplies, it would be the most economical way to go, factoring in gas of course.  But the amount of time and money I’ve invested even so far on research and supplies is sickening.  Sixteen days of self-sufficient living is just another part of the adventure from my perspective but I’m finding it’s leading me to second guess things like “should I double my reserve gas?” or “what if I can’t get access to laundry facilities?”

In the end, I’ll just trust my instincts.  They usually serve me well, unless it comes to game shows or lottery winnings.  The famous last words are “you have plenty of time yet” but gauging my upcoming workload, and organizing everything, I essentially have two months left to plan.  90 days until I leave – not that I’m keeping track.


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